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How to audition



The college auditioning process can seem a little daunting, but we're here to make it as easy as possible! Your 'Mates audition will start off with you singing a verse and a chorus of a song you like and that you feel shows off your voice well. We accept most genres but we ask that you stay away from classical or musical theater, since we generally don't sing those types of songs in the group. You will also be asked to do some scales and vocal warm ups just to get an idea of your range, but no need to prepare for that. And finally, we ask that you bring a joke or short funny story for us. We love to laugh! 

If you are asked to do a callback with us, we'll meet with you for an hour or so to hang out and work on your callback song. This will be a full song, beginning to end. We'll work with you to find a song that we feel showcases what we're looking to hear from you, but it will always be one you already know - we'll never ask you to learn an entirely new song in a day. Later that evening, you and the other callbackees will perform these songs with us, and then take a while to sing with the entire group and see how your voice fits in with ours! We also have snacks and water and hugs to sustain you. 

In general, this process is about getting to know you as a singer and as a person. It's low-key and easygoing, and if there's any way to make it less scary for you, please let us know. It should be fun :)

To schedule an audition, email and we'll set up a slot for you. Can't wait to meet you!

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