The Amalgamates, Tufts' award-winning coed a cappella

Tufts University | Medford, MA


Alexandra Strong

Mate #194

Voice Part: Alto

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Solos: Way Down We Go, Tears Dry On Their Own

Major: English, Anthropology

Bio: Hailing from the land of Los Angeles and being proud of it every day, Alex has been involved in the arts since she exited the womb.  In high school she decided to make music her forte, but she never thought that she’d ever make it to a cappella stardom.  Quite frankly, when she first arrived at Tufts she was convinced she would be relegated to singing sad songs in her room with her guitar.  But lucky for her, the ‘Mates took an interest in her vocal chords and saw that the fact that she can sweat on her back in the shape of a heart as a lovely addition to the group.

In the hours when Alex is not singing, you may find her doodling while consuming apple sauce packets or ravenously eating quinoa as she edits her English papers.  Whereas some people have coffee rings on their papers, Alex prefers to have fruit stains, and is a strong believer in letting her professors know what she ate while writing because it adds to the visual experience.  Every time she has a cup of hot liquid in her hand, DO NOT BE FOOLED; it is not a coffee bean concoction, but rather a leafy tea infusion.  On multiple occasions you’ll probably see Alex walking around with headphones in, but don’t be afraid to yell her name to take her out of that musical trance and bring her back into the real world.  She will appreciate your friendliness and thank you, because she probably forgot she had a recitation to go to.


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