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Thomas Risoleo

Mate #197, Vice Business Manager

Voice Part: Baritone

Hometown: Washington, DC

Arrangements: Fresh Eyes, In My Blood, breathin

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Bio:  Standing at a towering 5’7”, Thomas’s size is perhaps the most intimidating thing about a Mates performance. (Full disclosure, he is usually standing on his toes for an average of 5.2 minutes per performance when he is standing in the back row, but you didn’t hear that from me.) Knowing he was perhaps not destined to be the next LeBron James, Thomas began playing classical violin at the tender age of five, along with the rest of his three siblings. Eventually, he dropped violin in favor of piano, which he considered pursuing at the conservatory level but decided his real ambition was to go to medical school.

As he progressed through school, Thomas racked up as many activities as was humanly possible as well as immersing himself in his schoolwork. (If “immersing himself in his schoolwork” is spending two hours reading random Wikipedia pages, then you’re right on the nose with it.) He ended up playing six varsity sports, but settled on Football and Lacrosse as his two main ones. (Another full disclosure moment: his high school very rarely made cuts, and he was actually quite terrible at most of the sports he played, but SERIOUSLY don’t tell Thomas I told you this.) Thomas pursued theater throughout middle and high school, including his roles as Shrek, the Reverend from Footloose, and Winston from 1984. (He forgot his lines during opening night of 1984 and had to improvise an entire scene. I am trusting you not to betray me, reader.) In addition to theater, Thomas ran an a cappella group for 3 years, was captain of the It’s Academic! team, and was a tour guide.

In the future, Thomas plans to go into medicine, hopefully in the surgical field. (He was REALLY into Grey’s Anatomy for a while.) In his free time, Thomas enjoys playing golf, exercising, biking, watching movies—80% Pixar movies—and playing with his two dogs, Pogo and Penny. (I think he loves them more than he loves me.) Thomas is so excited to be a Mate and can’t wait to spend four years with the group!

P.S. It has come to my attention that there have been some interruptions to Thomas’s bio, I deeply apologize. (I trusted you, reader. You betrayed that trust.)


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