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Tufts University | Medford, MA


Ryan Albanesi

Mate #200, Business Manager

Voice Part: Tenor/Baritone

Hometown: Avon, Connecticut

Solos: Searching for a Feeling

Major(s): International Relations

Bio: For 17 wonderful years and 2 horrid weeks (when doctors diagnosed him with MRSA, a painful blood infection), a growing boy named Ryan Albanesi spent his childhood exploring the immense rolling hills, forests, and lakes of Avon, Connecticut (until high school, when he spent more time in his room watching Netflix and HBO on his laptop than in nature). Now, still spending plenty of time streaming television content, Ryanis overjoyed to be a part of the fantastic family that is the ‘Mates.

They say you are what you eat, and for Ryan, that means he is simply not very many things. Ryan has never eaten ice cream or any kind of fruit, and only drinks water (after accidentally drinking from his Dad’s cup at lunch, Ryan once spit out Sprite in horror all over the table). At lunch time, you can find Ryan in Dewick eating two turkey, lettuce, American cheese, and mayonnaise sandwiches every single day. Just like his sandwiches, Ryan is reliable and consistent, but brings a sense of excitement, magic, and genetically modified chemicals with him wherever he goes, just like the mayonnaise he douses on his lunch.

When he is not eating his sandwiches, or pretending to beatbox at ‘Mates rehearsals (if you say ‘boots and cats’ quite quickly you can almost pretend you’re doing real vocal percussion), Ryan is probably cleaning his room, studying in Tisch library, or telling someone he is going to leave Tisch and go study at Ginn but then never doing so because he is quite scared that undergraduates are not actually allowed in Ginn (they are).

On his left wrist, Ryan wears eight bracelets, one made in each country he has visited, and on his left foot Ryan wears an inside-out sock every day for luck. A fan of Mandarin collars and naming inanimate objects, (his car is Wells, his plants are Wanda and Finn, his laptop is Porter, his backpack is Russell) Ryan is so excited to spend the next four years learning what to do with his hands while he sings with the best people on earth, the Amalgamates.

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