The Amalgamates, Tufts' award-winning coed a cappella

Tufts University | Medford, MA


Misha Carlson

Mate #195

Voice Part: Soprano/Alto

Hometown: South Burlington, Vermont

Solos: Want You Back

Arrangements: Stay, Good Grief, White Flag

Major: Clinical Psychology, Political Science

Bio:  Misha Carlson (or Michelle Carlos, as her RA wrote on her dorm room nametag), hails from South Burlington, Vermont (which is like Burlington, but South). She’s a proud vegetarian, wears Birkenstocks whenever possible, has solar panels on her house, almost exclusively listens to music with banjos in it, and is very picky about her cheese—but she’s not a stereotype, I promise.

Though she’s sung in choirs and musicals and showers for as long as she can remember, as soon as she heard the Andy Bernard quote “Literally every song is better a cappella,” she decided to devote her entire existence to making instrument noises with her mouth. To say the least, she’s glad to have found an amazing community that shares this bizarre passion.

Besides singing in the ‘Mates, you can find Misha attending lots of Hillel events (despite not being Jewish), getting lost, watching anything involving Gordon Ramsay, showing people pictures of her cat, dancing abysmally (but passionately), running into things, making double chins, singing the Shrek 2 soundtrack, and avidly promoting her Spotify account. She also loves to cook, and one day hopes to make the perfect crème brulée (and for people to get her High School Musical references).

That’s probably way more than you ever wanted to know about Misha, but hey, you made it this far. Nice job. Now go check her out on Spotify:

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