The Amalgamates, Tufts' award-winning coed a cappella

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Alivia Villari

Mate #201

Voice Part: Soprano/Alto

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Solos: Younger, breathin, Let Me Love You

Major: Community Health, Biology

Bio: Alivia Villari is a pineapple lovin’, plant consuming coffee drinking kinda gal. She hails from the intricate urban metropolis that is Philadelphia. While some may know it as the city of brotherly love, to her it is simply the best place on earth and she hopes that one day there will be Wawas in Massachusetts because you just gotta have it. Alivia is also known to be a huge fan of all things seasonal and holiday themed. Whether it be standing outside in the cold drinking a festive hot beverage in November or obnoxiously decorating her room for St. Patty’s day in March, Alivia gets truly jazzed about all things festive. In high school, two of Alivia’s favorite activities included theatre and a cappella. Although she has not yet checked out the theatre scene at Tufts, she could not be more excited to be continuing with her love of a cappella and music with the most amazing group of people here at Tufts. Other favorite pastimes include; taking casual drives in her car June to think and jam to tunes, perusing the holiday section in CVS, taking long walks and thrifting constantly. Some handy fun facts about Alivia: She hated pineapple until about 6 months ago when she tried it again and realized it was the best thing ever, her favorite holiday is Christmas however her favorite season is fall, she has one extra-pointy protruding rib for unexplained reasons, she has many fears one of which includes the fear of revolving doors, her favorite animal used to be the squirrel but is now the elephant and she will forever be a believer in the 5 second rule. Alivia is so thankful to be a part of the Mates and can’t wait to spend the next four years making music and engaging in shenanigans with her quirky crew. 

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