The Amalgamates, Tufts' award-winning coed a cappella

Tufts University | Medford, MA


Adrienne La Forte

Mate #196

Voice Part: Soprano

Hometown: West Hartford, CT

Major: Environmental Studies, Political Science

Bio:  Once upon a time, in the far away land of Connecticut, the young Adrienne La Forte graduated from high school and promptly migrated to Tufts University. Despite seeming perpetually confused, she does everything in her life with purpose. Whether eating straight whipped cream from a bowl in one of Tufts’ illustrious dining halls or rolling around on the Academic Quad, every one of her actions has both rhyme and reason. The excessive whipped cream consumption, for example, trains her for the National Whipped Cream Eating Competition held on February 29th. A veteran competitor, Adrienne has 18 medals under her belt. One may ask, “How does she cope with copious amounts of sugar flooding her system?” The answer is simple: she downs it all with a nice, cold glass of soy sauce. 

Aside from her training, Adrienne enjoys a variety of other activities. She can often be found speaking in a made-up language and wondering why no one else can understand her. When she does break free of this dialect, however, she enjoys lecturing loved ones on the environmental impact of their favorite products and pastimes, and forcing strangers to look at pictures of her cat. She also takes great pleasure in gracing her friends and acquaintances with loud renditions of her favorite show tunes––of which there are roughly 100,000,000. Obviously, Adrie is a joy to be around! 

Most importantly, Adrienne is overjoyed to be making music with the ‘Mates! She feels extremely lucky to be part of such a talented and welcoming community. Plus, she already makes strange noises with her mouth, and being in the ‘Mates makes it slightly more acceptable. She knows that over the next few years, she’ll make lifelong memories and discover answers to life’s most important questions (like: Why do we exist? Or: Can I knit myself a clone?).  The end.

Originally drafted by Joelle P. Bosia. Translated, edited, and heavily revised by Adrienne B. La Forte.


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