The Amalgamates, Tufts' award-winning coed a cappella

Tufts University | Medford, MA

Jeremy Silver

Mate #188, President

Voice Part: Baritone

Hometown: Concord, Massachusetts

Solos: Bloodsport, I Lived, Smile, Fresh Eyes

Arrangements: I Wish, Homegrown, Smile, Saving All My Sinning, Good Grief, Pray

Major: Math; Music minor

Bio: After wiping nutella and peanut butter off of his neck and breaking off the handcuffs around his ankles, Jeremy woke up one morning in January 2009 to think: “wow, what a Bar Mitzvah.”

Four days into college, Jeremy stuffed his bed sheet into a desk drawer and returned home for the holidays to a mother who was less than thrilled to hear the news that he had not washed his sheets. He has since made his bed every day, and washes his sheets "more regularly than once per semester."

Jeremy spent half of his childhood at his mom’s with his sister and mom, which means, obviously, that he proudly knows every episode of Gilmore Girls and can quote it almost as well as he can parallel park. 

He spent the other half talking too much in class and taking too long to learn the lesson of “mom is always right."

Finally, the third half was spent mastering ‘Dad jokes,’ a variety of joke that Marc Silver (guess who) epitomizes. Thanks, Dad.

Making people laugh and smile brings more joy to Jeremy than pretty much anything, aside from his mom’s pumpkin muffins.

A lot of people compare him to Channing Tatum, solely because Channing too is known for yelling nonsensical phrases at sports events to distract the opposing team, such as “Hey goalie, I bet your shinguards cost like $15!” or “Hey number 24, what’s the capital of Yemen? Oh you don’t know it? HEY EVERYONE 24 doesn’t know the capital of Yemen!”

Jeremy plays hard (he is more competitive than is often appropriate or warranted) and hardly works, but when he does work, it is on mathematics, music, and crossword puzzles. He cares too much (well, that’s what other people say, but of course he believes it’s the right amount) about grammar and communication, making him an incredibly annoying person with whom one might converse. 

He bowls better than most people, but not nearly as good as real bowlers. 

He has not lost a game of Boggle since he discovered the game in the fourth grade and made Ms. Sheehan, his teacher, cry. 

Jeremy is awful at Trivial Pursuit and gets grumpier than anyone should when he screws up (this happens frequently, so as a result, he has “resting grump face”)

Jeremy is the president of Delta Tau Delta, a fraternity at Tufts, and also considers himself a feminist. He has some incredible women in his life to thank for that. 

Freshmen year, he learned that steak and mashed potatoes is not as balanced of a meal as he thought - since then, he has gone so far as to order salad as an entrée when out to dinner. That was a crazy night, though. 

He frequently doesn’t finish his meal and then says “I’m hungry” 12 minutes later. 

Jeremy loves being a leader, and looks forward to giving 100% to everything he can during his final year at Tufts. He already misses the group, but knows he’ll be a Mate forever. 

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